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Agri-Tour on Horticulture with Siri Zetu Travel and Bizna

A much resourceful Agri-Tour to Latia that will focus on Horticluture ventures such as skuma wiki, spinach, cabbages, tomatoes, onions, leaks, passion fruits and pine apples. We chose to focus on horticulture this trip since with the research done we learnt that horticulture ventures are more lucrative and they have a low starter budget as […]

Major Agri Tour to Isinya in partnership with Bizna

On 17th June 2017 we shall leave at 8:00am to Isinya for the agri tour in which we look at not only providing the attendee with necessary training before they venture into agribusiness but also physically illustrate to them with working examples of already existing and established farms. The tour will consist of Four trainings […]