Welcome to 2018.

Many people having been asking us, “why agritours?”

Well, to start with ,Agriculture is the backbone of the existence of every species on earth.

Agribusiness and food production are evolving each new day. Stakeholders are shifting from traditional, conventional methods to modern-age practices. Value addition today is key in the development of any enterprise.

At the fore-front of such new enterprises is Sirizetu Agritours, a pioneer in facilitating agri-tourism in Kenya.

We aim to bring stakeholders in agribusiness together; linking farmers to training facilities and to other farmers for the exchange of information and ideas. We appreciate the value of seeing things for oneself and learning at a practical and hands-on level. This is achieved by organizing for tours to farmers running successful enterprises across Kenya.

Be it livestock keeping or crop production, be it organic or inorganic farming, be it small-scale or large-scale systems, Sirizetu Agritours is at the heart of it  providing a platform for learning that is both engaging and fun. We are keen to identify new trends in agribusiness and facilitate the dissemination of the same to other farmers.

At the heart of Sirizetu Agritours, is the desire to travel widely, to contribute to alleviation of food insecurity and poverty and to be a force for meaningful, positive impact in our society.

Now that we have answered your question, let us know your area of interest  in agriculture or agribusiness.


26 Jan 2018.

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